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We appreciate our clieNTS' 5 STAR REVIEWS!  

ResCom Radon Testing  appreciates all of our wonderful clients over the past 11 years who have trusted ResCom to insure their homes, schools and work places are radon safe. 

Here are some of our clients' comments:

Kim L., Kansas City, MO - We are enjoying living radon free thanks to all your efforts! 

Mark W., Lee's Summit, MO - Luke was very professional and did a great job!

Sharon L., Pleasant Hill, MO - Tom, just wanted to let you know our installer was awesome!  Also, our radon level is now averaging .28!!!  That's what I call success!

Todd M., Odessa, MO
- You guys did a great job!

Josh J, Liberty, MO - We own a 118 year old house with a dug out crawl space/dirt floor basement.  It's about as hard of a basement to work in as they come.  I know because I've done all the plumbing.  The radon test came back high when we bought it and Tom came out and quoted a fair price, worked us in immediately and got the levels cut in half, well below the EPA recommended remediation level.  Well worth the cost for the peace of mind - a one-time cost could potentially save you a lot of health trouble down the road.  Very professional and trustworthy company which can't be said if you hire a national company or fly by night contractor.  Make sure you hire a local company! 

Alex J., Lee's Summit, MO
- Good news.  Our post-installation test came back at 0.5 pCi/L in the area that had previously tested 9.5 pCi/L.  We are also very happy with the quality of work that Luke performed on the install.  He was professional, hardworking and I could tell he knew exactly what he was doing.  It was obvious that Luke cared very much about the quality of job he was performing.  You don't always see that kind of quality and attention to detail nowadays and I wanted to make sure that you knew that we are extremely satisfied!

Kim and Barry L, Kansas City, MO - Thank you, Tom, for your outstanding professional service!  It was a pleasure to work with you and your team.  You were relentless in doing whatever it took to get the levels down.

Bill A., Platte City, MO - Tom, I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the work of your company.  Not only did I receive a factual education on radon, but it was told to me by a very fine employee - Luke.  He is a great asset to your company.  He arrived on time and had all the necessary equipment.  He explained each step along the way to completion.  He was neat and cleaned up after himself.  A lot of times I have seen poor caulking jobs, but Luke's got his act together on this point.  Thank you, once again.

James O., Blue Springs, MO
- Tom, Luke was great.  Thank you for such a great event.

Bob S., Parkville, MO - We wanted to compliment the work that Luke did today.  He is a skilled and very conscientious fellow. 

William M., Fairway, KS
- Thank you for your work and professionalism.....I appreciate it.

Matt L., Warrensburg, MO - Luke did a fantastic job and was extremely professional.  You run a top notch company and I will recommend you guys 100%.

Christen B., Lee's Summit, MO - Thank you for the great service and professional, kind installer. 

Patrick C., Independence, MO
- You did an awesome job.  Thank you.

Brian D., Lee's Summit -
ResCom's installer did a great job!  He was very professional and answered all my questions.

Connor Reeves, Reece and Nichols Realtor - I recently used Tom to install a radon mitigation system on a listing of mine and I highly recommend this company to anyone needing these services in the future!

Ray S., Lee's Summit  We appreciated your integrity, knowledge, professionalism and competence.  We wish you success and will highly recommend you.

Weston S., Kansas City (Angie's List)   This was a fantastic, easy experience.  I would highly recommend Tom's company for this work.  We were partially moved in when ResCom came to our aid.  The area where they needed to install was a mess, and they cleaned it up.  It's a pleasure to work with companies who know what the job needs and they just do it.

Steve C., Kansas City (Angie's List)  First, these guys are as helpful and honest as anyone I've ever dealt with.  They were VERY forthcoming with information, as detailed as I wanted, and they were very honest about what they could do, and what might not work without additional work and why.  I'm so used to cost over-runs or poor performance by contractors that I was SHOCKED at how smoothly this went.  They even discussed the situation very well with my renters, who were freaked out about the newly discovered radon problem, and Rescom spent extra time educating them on radon and helping them to feel less frightened about the situation.

 I would strongly suggest that you give these folks a call if you want to know whether you have a radon problem, or if you know you do, and want it fixed.  Incidentally, I can tell you, I grew up in the house that turned out to have radon, and everyone who has lived in that house for extended periods of time have ended up with cancer.  Is it the radon?  maybe.  I definitely feel better knowing that radon levels are down in the house, thanks to the great guys at ResCom. 
Incidentally, they were very quick to start and finish the job, and their price was very reasonable based on other calls I made.  I'm certainly glad I decided to go with ResCom.

Santa Fe School District, R-X, Alma, MO 
ResCom recently provided radon mitigation for two buildings in the Santa Fe R-X school district in Alma and Waverly, MO.  The Superintendent, Dr. Gini Barnett, offers this recommendation:  "Our district is very appreciative of your professionalism, your services, and your assistance with this process. Your common-sense, non-assuming approach was reassuring and provided a calming effect throughout this experience."

Rosemary F., Independence, MO 
I needed radon mitigation installed.  Tom came the same day I called him and gave an estimate and scheduled installation.  While he was working, he was very conscientious of my home putting down plastic runners to protect flooring and meticulously cleaned up any mess he created during installation.  Then he clearly explained to me how the system operates and how to make sure it is working properly.  I was very pleased with his service and professionalism as well as the quality of the product.

Todd H., Kansas City, MO
I needed to have a radon mitigation system installed in my elderly mother's house.  I did not have time to personally observe the process, so I contacted a few companies on Angie's List that had high ratings.  Tom Manz reached out to me within a day of contact and gained my confidence due to his thorough explanation of the process and his punctuality.  I entrusted Tom to my mother's house where he conducted a site survey and provided me a written e-mail estimate the same day.  I authorized the work and scheduled the installation a few days later.  Tom installed the system within the timeframe and cost he estimated.  He tested the radon levels and provided me all documents by e-mail to support the effectiveness of the system.  In turn I was able to provide these documents to the buyers' finance company with ease.  Tom even defered final payment until the closing of the house which was unexpected for me.  In sumary, I entrusted Tom with the keys to my elderly mother's house and he did exactly what he said he would do.  I have never met Tom in person, but appreciate that he installed this system and I was worry free during the entire process.  Thanks Tom.

Mary I, Kansas City, MO
ResCom installed a radon mitigation system at our home (which we were selling).  Tom was great to work with.  We installed a radon mitigation system in the home we were selling after the inspection showed elevated levels of radon.  They showed up early and finished the job quickly.  He put it in a discrete location.  I was very, very impressed with them!  We had planned to have the new owners do the retest since we had to move out quickly after the test but then we got a call saying they needed the retest in order to close.  So I called Tom and he showed up the next morning (a Saturday) to retest (the results came back showing radon was virtually gone).  I was very thankful for how accommodating he was as it would have pushed our close back!  Would definitely recommend them if you are in the unfortuante situation where you have radon.

Jennifer T, Lee's Summit, MO 
Quality, honest people concerned about the health and well being of your family.  Low cost for a radon test, but a huge investment in your family's protection from cancerous causing radon.  I highly recommend Tom Manz to all my insurance clients!

Deb P, Lee's Summit, MO
The guys did a fantastic job and we are very pleased with the results.

Ron B, Blue Springs, MO
I highly recommend ResCom Radon Solutions.  They installed my mitigation system last week and were very professional.  I normally don't allow anyone to work on my home if I am not there, but I would trust Tom Manz and his team to do just that.  Mr. Manz and Luke cleaned up after themselves.  The price was reasonable and I would use them again.

Adam K, Lee's Summit, MO
Thank you for doing such a great job - my wife, Sara, and I feel a lot better about the situation now.

Eric E, Merriam, KS
Great job on the install....Looks really good!

Caramarie Gibson, Chartwell Realty
I really like ResCom Radon for mitigation systems.

Danny C, Blue Springs 
Excellent work, accurate testing, and
refreshing professionalism. Very happy!

Barbara Schroer, Reece and Nichols, Blue Springs
As a real estate agent, I think everyone should have their home checked for radon.  Tom does a great job.  We have used him.

From Steve Horton, A-Pro Home Inspection Services
Tom Manz with ResCom Radon Solutions is a pleasure to work with for our client's radon testing or mitigation needs. He is very affordable, flexible and punctual and is the exclusive radon testing service for A-Pro Home Inspection Services!

Jim G, Lee's Summit 

We had no idea the harm that radon gas could be to our health. A little bit of research confirmed the danger it posed. Rescom's test showed we were above acceptable levels. The third party lab validated Rescom's findings.  After the installation the radon level was dramatically reduced.
The price was fair, the installation was exceptional, and the Installers were very professional.  The installation took a few hours and the clean up was thorough.  We are grateful to have this addressed.

Thank you, Tom ,for the service you provide.

Dale J, Lee's Summit 

I am very pleased with the installation job that ResCom Radon Solutions did for me! I'm a pretty picky guy and didn't want a simple installation, which would have brought the exhaust vent out through the side of the house where it would be visible from the street. Instead, I asked them to bring the exhaust pipe up from the basement, into the garage (in an out-of-the-way location), and out through the attic, exiting through the back slope of the roof. The whole job took them less than a day and I couldn't have asked for a neater, more professional job. They did a very good job at a reasonable price. I recommend ResCom to anyone needing radon mitigation.

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